SUMMARY: Recommendations on DEC DSP3210S hard disk?

From: Denis Beauchemin (
Date: Sat Oct 16 1993 - 03:45:26 CDT


The people who answered my call seemed to like this DEC drive. Although they
had mixed feelings about other drives (specially the 1.05GB and 1.2GB which
seemed to have their share or problems: overheating and high death rate).

Thanks to:
Bob Drzyzgula
Steve Hanson
Tom Ma
Shelley L. Shostak
Danny Johnson
Kevin Mah kmah@DCS-Systems.COM
David Burwell
Paulo Licio de Geus

My original posting follows:
> Hi,
> My distributor is offering me a 2.1GB DEC DSP3210S hard disk for my SS10. He
> even provided me with a format.dat entry. Before buying one, I would like to
> know if there are known problems with this drive on an SS10.
> Thanks!
> PS: I will summarize.

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