SUMMARY: Sun 3 as Xterm

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Date: Fri Oct 15 1993 - 22:06:07 CDT

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: In the Sun-managers FAQ, it states that you can turn a Sun 3 into an Xterm by replacing the getty command in the /etc/ttytab with a command that starts X. Has anyone tried this, and if so, could you send me a copy of the script you used.
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Most people responded with information on Xkernel which I already knew about, but atleast I am now aware that version 2.0 is available. I just wanted to know of any alternative methods. The following two suggestions were made:

It's easy to do -- just replace /sbin/init with a shell scrip that configures your interface then runs the X server.

George D M Ross

This doesn't win you much but a slight convenience - you put xdm in
there, instead of getty.

Dan Stromberg

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