SUMMARY: decoding calendar manager files

From: Lawrence A. Bilker (
Date: Fri Oct 15 1993 - 16:52:53 CDT


Has anyone out there looked at the calendar manager files (i.e. callog.<usrid>).
We have a need to translate on a day-by-day basis the appointments for a given
day into a one page report for a number of different calendars. The problem
we are having is with repeating appointments. Individual appointments are
not too bad to deal with, but repeating appointments can be difficult to


   Many people responded and said to use cm_lookup, cm_insert, and cm_delete
to decode the calendar manager files into tty readable text. They work
quite nicely too. One response said there was a programmers kit for deadling
with the calendar manager, but the first solution is an easier one if that's
all you need.

Thanks to those who responded: (Peter Samuel)

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