SUMMARY: SparcPrinter streaking

From: Henrik Schmiediche (henrik@PICARD.TAMU.EDU)
Date: Thu Oct 14 1993 - 03:50:38 CDT

This summary concerns a badly streaking SparcPrinter. It seems that
the fuser of my SparcPrinter is bad and I will need to replace it. It
is not clear to me if Sun sells the fuser seperately and if so how
expensive it is. I called Sun and say send me to Sun Express and Sun
Express sent me back to Sun. Any suggestions where I can find a fuser
unit would be welcome.

     - Henrik

>From Fri Oct 8 01:51:52 1993

there are sensors that rest/rub over the heat rollers of which
eventually wear away the roller coating. i have been advised to raise
a time and materials call for a replacement fuser unit...

the sparcprinter 20's sell this as a spare, sun obviously took this in
consideration as they must be aware of this problem... Yours

Allen Talbot

>From Fri Oct 8 06:43:00 1993

I had this problem last week--the fuser unit was bad (the teflon
coated roller was damaged) and the entire printer was replaced.
Apparently, the fuser unit is not available as a part. For me, this
was no problem because it was under warranty. My understanding is
that this is not unusual and the typical life of a SPARCprinter is
only 40-50k pages. It looks like these printers are not so cheap if
you consider total life cycle costs!!

Jeff Mittelman

>From Fri Oct 8 08:06:55 1993

Our SPARCprinter developed the same sort of problem. I decided that
the hot (pink) roller at the end of the paper path was called the
fuser roller. Cleaning it helped a bit, but the streaks came
back. Since we are on hardware maintenance, I called Sun and they just
replaced the whole printer (I believe we got a reconditioned one, and
they will repair/recondition our old one for someone else).

   Stuart Mackay.

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