SUMMARY: SS1+ doesn't seem to have working hardware flow control?

From: Guntram Wolski (
Date: Wed Oct 13 1993 - 17:28:56 CDT

I received no replies on why my SS1+ doesn't seem
to be using hardware flow control (not even a reply
responding that I'm stupid and lots of folks are
successfully doing it :-). Original message below
and I'm still somewhat clueless.
Guntram Wolski

> I'm using a SS1+ running SUNOS 4.1.3 and using 'tip' to
> interface to my modem (USR Sportster). I have the modem
> set up to do hardware flow control and believe I have
> the correct cabling between the machine and modem.
> The problem is when I send files through the modem --
> the receiving seems to be fine.
> I can see the modem turning off the CS (clear to send)
> LED, but the SS1+ still sends data when transferring
> files (the SD led keeps blinking). This leads to lots
> of packets being resent. Eventually the SD LED goes
> off, the CS light comes on, and the SD LED starts up
> again.
> The eeprom settings are:
> ttya-mode=38400,8,n,1,h
> ttya-rts-dtr-off=false
> ttya-ignore-cd=false
> One clue? I can not use the 'hf' entry for this line
> in /etc/remote. Every time I try adding 'hf' to the
> specification for the modem and then try the tip,
> I seem to be able to send characters the modem (don't
> know what's really being sent though) but they aren't
> echoing back to me.

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