Re: SUMMARY: how to detect Weitek in software?

From: Steve Dyer (
Date: Wed Oct 13 1993 - 12:57:50 CDT

In article <29f47e$> stolcke@ICSI.Berkeley.EDU (Andreas Stolcke) writes:
>You can't upgrade an SS1 or SS1+ with the Weitek PoweruP; it's
>pin-compatible with the RT601 and the older Weitek chips, but it's not
>pin-compatible with the Fujitsu MB86901A or LSI Logic L64801 IU chip in
>the SS1 and SS1+.

Has anyone determined whether the PoweruP will work on the ELC yet?
I seem to remember Robert Plasmodon of Weitek saying "maybe" a few
months ago.

Steve Dyer

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