SUMMARY: X colors

From: heas (
Date: Wed Oct 13 1993 - 06:26:01 CDT

here is a summary of what I found/decided to use, as requested.

        I was looking for a way easy look at colors to be used on one's tube,
specifically under X11R5, because the description/name of colors in the rgb.txt
database was obviously written by a interior decorator. :-)

        What I have found and plan to use are/is xcoloredit, xco, and xrainbow.
xco comes as part of X11R5 under the crontib tree and is available from xco loads the rgb.txt database and displays the colors
along with their names and allows the user to change the xco window to use that
color for foreground/background. xrainbow is similar to xco, but is also
displays the 3 digit (HSV) to describe the color (takes the cake). finally,
xcoloredit does all of the above, except it doesn't read rgb.txt but rather
its a roll-you-own utility. xcoloredit works well but I don't have time to
make my own colors.

        Some other utilities were suggested but I did not try them because I
found what I wanted. See below a list.


>From: (Aidan Williams)
>As part of the Tcl/Tk distibution, there is a demo program called
>"tcolor" in the .../tcl/lib/demos directory. It is a wish script.

>From: (Brett Lymn)
>Have a look at the bit of free software called xrainbow, it does what
>you want (exept the numbers are in decimal ;-)

>From: (Ran Bittmann)
> I'm using the Motif demo MRE.

>From: Andrew Benson <>
>Check out xcol, xcolor, xcolors... ftpable everywhere, I think.

>From: ( Andy J. Stefancik 206-234-3049 )
>try "showrgb".

>From: (Andy Feldt)
> If you have them running the OpenLook Window Manager, the properties button
>on the main menu has something similar to what you want (tho' limited to
>a subset of colors).

>From: antonson@umiacs.UMD.EDU (Todd S. Antonson)
>You might want to look for xcolors. That gives you a windows with a bunch of
>little color windows from which you can pick colors from.

>(I'm sending the sun4 binary, if it won't work on your system, let me know and
>I'll send the source code.)

        I am interested in your code. I tried running it here but I do not
 have the libxv library.

>From: (Sven Heinicke)
>From: (Jeff Pack)
>From: (Brian Field)
>Try xco (it comes with the standard R5 distribution. I think it was also

>From: antoine@RadOnc.Duke.EDU
>I don't see a shred of sun system management problems in your question. Take
>it elsewhere.

        Why not just delte it and go on with life ? there are/were other that
 certainly seemed interested in what I found.

Host (
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      FILE -rw-rw-r-- 154544 bytes 01:00 1 Jul 1991 xrainbow.tar.Z

Host (
Last updated 14:12 29 Jul 1993

    Location: /pub/mnt/source/X11R5/mit/rgb
      FILE -r--r--r-- 2924 bytes 01:00 30 Jun 1991 showrgb.c

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