Re: Solaris 2.3 & The Cache Filing System ( SUMMARY )

From: Peter Bray (
Date: Tue Oct 12 1993 - 23:11:51 CDT

In regards, to my previous posting, thank you all those who replied.

ANSWER: You may either have a directory on a local (UFS) filesystem, or
mount a local filesystem ( ie a partition ) on to a directory and use
that directory. The manual/to-be-answerbook claims the latter would give
optimium performance, but does not seem to recommend one over the other.
With a local dedicated partition you just don't have to worry about the
caching filling up to the configurable ( 90% seems to be the default )
limit on a non-deciated file system ( after all it can have the entire
partition and live its life how it sees fit :-) )

Peter Bray

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