SUMMARY: Problems with rpc.mountd (SunOS 4.1)

From: Lack Mr G M (
Date: Mon Oct 11 1993 - 12:40:33 CDT

     The original problem was that the rpc.mountd logged out when it
received a mount request form a system which was not authorized for the
particular mount request.

     All responders recommended upgrading to 4.1.3 (which was actually
stated as not-an-option in the original posting). However, (Len Rose) stated:

> This behavior still occurs on 4.1.3 even..

     So I archie'd for mountd and found some CERT advisories about
mountd on Sun. I picked up the latest (100296-04) and looked at the
README. It included:

> Bugid: 1047410
> rpc.mountd dies when yp_get_default_domain returns null.

which looked promising. So I installed the relevant rpc.mountd and now
all is well. I now get the message:

Oct 11 10:21:46 uk0x06 mountd[11820]: NIS: no domain

on the console window.

     The patch also fixes some security holes with long export lists,
which is an added bonus... It is for 4.1.1 -> 4.1.3 (but looks Ok at
4.1 as well).

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