SUMMARY: what (ordinary) 8mm tapes to buy and where

From: Gyula Szokoly (
Date: Sun Oct 10 1993 - 16:37:21 CDT

Thanks to the many who responded to my post. The basic suggestion was
Fuji P6-120MP DS, the Sony P6-120MP_F probably works (this is the old one),
but avoid Sony P6-120MP_b (this is the new one). I think I can post a
company name, without violating the nonwritten standards:

The Tape Company

In my case they would send 2 samples (free!) for evaluation and will
ship the rest free since I order more than 400 $ tapes. The
price is 4$ (due to the large volume). The standard price is a bit
higher (4.10 ?) for the Fuji.


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