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From: Sepi Milanizadeh (
Date: Fri Oct 08 1993 - 02:42:16 CDT

Thanks for all the responses! The majority of the people said to try the "pico"
editor which is part of the "pine" mail package. We tried pico, and it seems
to be just what we were looking for, plus some nice bonuses like a spell
checker, file browser, etc. Look for the file "pine-3.07.tar.Z" at your
favorite ftp site.

Other possibilities include (not tried):

Thanks to the following people:
Kevin Sheehan
Kean Stump
Jonathan C. Davis
Kean Stump
Benoit Dicaire
Manish Bhatia
Dan Stromberg
Patrick O'Callagha
Ian Dunkin
Sven Heinicke
Pete Welcher
Viswanath Gopalakr
Claude Marinier
Ray Smith
Mitchum DSouza
Banks B J
Olav Lerbrekk
Tjeerd Jongeling
John M. Blasik
Barthold Lichtenbe
Edsel Adap
Brett Lymn
Len Rose
Mark Prior
Elaine Lai
Christopher Davis
David Fetrow
Brian Colfer
Galen Krokum
David Warren
Daniel R. Bidwell

I apologize if I missed some names.

Here is my original question:

> I am trying to find a user friendly text editor that can be used by
> elm. The keys to what we need are:
> 1. Public domain (free), but commercial applications would be considered.
> 2. Needs simple interface (move cursor via arrow keys, hit insert key to inser
> text, allows mapping of function keys, etc.)
> 3. Must be character based to use across dial-up or telnet connections.
> 4. Must work as the editor within elm. (Or if you can suggest a PD mail packag
> that has a good text editor built-in, that would do the trick.)
> The reason for this is we have non-UNIX users dialing into a UNIX
> system using elm for reading mail. They don't find vi very intuitive and
> emacs doesn't seem to fit the bill either. If anyone knows of such a program
> or how to easily reconfigure emacs or vi to do the job, it would be much
> appreciated.

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