SUMMARY: SparcPrinter prints horizantal lines

From: Michael D. Reynolds (
Date: Thu Oct 07 1993 - 21:40:29 CDT

Sun Managers,

Original Question
I have a SparcPrinter that started intermitantly printing horizantal parallel
lines on the pages. The lines are different thicknesses but are all ways
horizantaly parallel and equally spaced (I should say each individual instance
is equally spaced but different instances have different spacing). The spaceing
and the fact that it's intermitant rules out a scratched or smudged drum.
I remember a question similar to this a while back for which there was no
summary. Any help would be appreciated.

Other Info:
SS2 Running SunOS 4.1.3
Newsprint v 2.0

Three out of Four Sun Managers agree that a SparcPrinter needs to be replaced when
the above stated symtom occurs. One said that It could be a mirror out of
alignment, but no corrective action was suggested.

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Replies (abreviated)
From: (Houman Safai )

I had a similar problem with my Sparcprinter. The Sun SE recommended replacing
one of the following:

        1. Drum
        2. Toner
        3. Sbus card
        4. Cable

His last recommendation was to replace the printer. Guess what? None of the above
fixed my problem. Replacing the printer took care of the problem. Apparently,
the internals of the printer called RO was malfunctioning.

I hope this helps.
From: (Joe Young)

When we had this problem, we ended up replacing the SPARCprinter to
get this problem to go away.
From: (Brett Lymn)

I have not seen that summary either... The answer I gave the other
guy was that although I have not seen this on a sparcprinter we did
experience the same sort of problem on another laser printer. The
technician diagnosed the problem as being a mirror out of alignment,
maybe your printer has the same.
From: (Celeste Stokely)

This is a hardware problem. Your sparcprinter needs replacing. I don't
know which part is involved, since when this happens to my printers I
call Sun HW support, and they replace the whole unit.

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