Difference between 2.3G and 5G Tapes - Summary

From: Pradeep K Tapadiya (tpradeep@cs.tamu.edu)
Date: Thu Oct 07 1993 - 12:48:43 CDT

Howdy netters,

In a previous posting I had asked if a 5G Exabyte tape drive can
read 2.3G tapes, and if there is any difference in the tapes?

All the replies I received say that there should not be any
problems for reading 2.3G on 5G tape drive. As for the difference
between the quality of the tapes, I have been cautioned to use
high quality "data grade" tapes. Two recommendations I have
received are

1. Fuji P6-120MP DC (double coated I believe)
2. Exabyte tapes (at least 112m long)

Thank you all for your help.


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