SUMMARY ADDENDUM: SparcClassic, 4.1.3C, kmem_free:block already free,

From: Joel L. Seber ... CH210 (
Date: Thu Oct 07 1993 - 04:31:03 CDT

One more time, folks... I have additional info on my problem. Yes, I did
have a SIMM bank not properly seated, and it was a problem, but I had
another cause hidden beneath the surface. It turns out that SunPC 3.1 was
a culprit as well! SunPC 3.1 is not compatible with the sun4m series (at
least with the Classics!). There is a release available from sun called
SunPC 3.1b which is OK with the sun4m's. I have been told by Sun that this
would solve my problem.

After posting my summary, two Classics crashed as stated below EXCEPT they
could auto-reboot. That's how I knew I had a separate problem.

Hope this helps someone out there!!


Original message reposted for completeness

System: SparcClassic, 24MB RAM, 424MB HD, X453A 2nd Ethernet Interface,
        SUNOS 4.1.3c, patch 101251-01 (for the X453A)

Problem: At times, with no consistant pattern other than a user running
OpenWindows 3.0 at the time of the crash, a SparcClassic serving as a router
between two subnets panics with the following:

Panic on cpu 0: kmem_free: block already free
syncing file systems...

At which point it freezes and must have its power cycled to reboot (L1-A
has no effect; I tried). /var/adm/messages does not log the occurance
either, which means it died so abruptly that it couldn't log it. In
addition, no core dump was produced.

I have looked through an extensive list of patches posted to the list
sometime back (I found it through WAIS, also available from the gopher at
sunsite) and no mention was close except for an old patch dating back to

Any ideas? If so, please mail me and I will summarize. This is pretty
critical, folks, as a large chunk of my network depends on the health of
this system.

Thanks in advance,

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