SUMMARY: Checksum error when booting

From: Dave Gunter (
Date: Tue Oct 05 1993 - 16:56:39 CDT

The original message:

> I have a Sparc ELC running 4.1.3 that is giving the following error
> when booting:
> sd(0,0,0)
> checksum 6388134f != 5f583357
> Trying to boot anyway
> Instruction Access Exception
> >
> The disk in question contains the root and usr filesystems for the ELC.
> I've attached the disk to another workstation and mounted both file systems.
> The both seem fine - fsck shows no errors or inconsistancies.
> Sooo... I thought it might be some sort of error in the boot block. I've
> run installboot, but it says "/boot not on /dev/rsd1a" ( it is, I can
> mount the partition and see /boot... the file size and checksum are the same
> as a normal copy...)

It turns out that I wasn't giving the full path to the boot file. I was
trying to tell it /boot when the file with the bad boot block was mounted
on /mnt.... thus the correct path was /mnt/boot.

Thanks to everybody who answered
 "Harold A. Miller" <>
 Heas <>
 Elmar Kurgpold <ekurgpol@Law.USC.EDU>
 kmah@DCS-Systems.COM (Kevin Mah) (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)
 Patrick Herlihy <patrick@alex.state.COM.AU>
 keane@Aus.Sun.COM (Chris Keane - Snr IS Sys Admin)

Sorry if I missed anyone.

Dave Gunter
System Administrator - Statistics - North Carolina State University - 919.515.1930

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