SUMMARY: ownership changes on incoming mailboxes

From: S. Cowles (
Date: Tue Oct 05 1993 - 08:19:36 CDT


> Sparc 10/41
> Solaris 2.1
>When mail arrives in a few mailboxes, not all, the group ownership of
>the mailbox changes from mail to the group of the mailbox owner. Since
>permissions are 660, this allows anyone in the owner's group to read
>his mail--not always a good idea.

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Correct answer is a combo of two bits:
        There's a line in the file that probably reads
        I would suggest you to change this to
        This line controls the mode of the mailbox files...
        At least under Solaris 1, the mail directory should be:
        drwxrwsrwt 3 root daemon 1024 Oct 4 09:42 /spool/mail

Steps I took:
1) chmod 600 /var/mail/* ( was already correct)
2) chmod g+s /var/mail/. (since my /var/mail is a symlink)

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