SUMMARY: Looking Software support/Consulting Tool

From: Andres Rios (
Date: Tue Oct 05 1993 - 03:18:52 CDT

Hi sysadmin!
>I am looking for a public domain tool for software/administration consulting.
>The tool I have in mind will be used be user to access administrators,
>software support, or consulting teams whan a problem/question arises.
>Preferably, it should use e-mail and have some sort of archiving method
>to keep past info.

Several answers were received:
1- GNUs: gnats (in any gnu archive)

2- "programming perl" book O'Reilly & Associates has a useful script:

Some other suggestions are coming but I am checking them.
(I am summarizing fas because several people stated URGENT
interest in this question). I will summarize more relevant info.

Thanx to:,,,,,,

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