SUMMARY: automounter

From: Douglas Chen (dougc@LSI.sjc.hw.Sony.COM)
Date: Mon Oct 04 1993 - 23:41:06 CDT

I posted:

After I have installed Sun 4.1.3 on Sparc10 (model 51), I could not login as
any user. I checked that ypcat command worked fine, automount daemon started,
and the home directory has been exported. But, when I tried to login, I got
No directory, Logging in with home=/.

Turn out the auto.master in ypmaster has an entry
/home /etc/auto.home -rw,soft,intr,timeo=15
after I copied /etc/auto.home from the other machine and reboot it, everything
works fine.

Thanks to all those replied. Sorry if I missed anyone.


Douglas Chen
SONY Microelectronics

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