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Date: Mon Oct 04 1993 - 19:28:15 CDT

A week ago I posted the following question :

Hello Sun Managers & Gurus,

let me ask a short question...
I have to administer some Sun workstations running OpenWindows. Now
there is a new user owning a Xterminal (TekXpress XP338) which I'd like
to include into the net. The "hard things" (booting) are done, now
the "soft" part is left : when the user logs into his standard target
machine, the .login script should be able to
1. automagically detect that the user is logging in from a Xterm
2. setenv DISPLAY to that terminal
3. start the olwm window manager and all tasks from .openwin-init
... so the user thinks he's sitting in front of a genuine Sun (of course,
the fan and the disk drive are missing :)
4. when the user exits OpenWindows, he should be logged out automatically
(this is also done by calling logout explicitely from .login for all other
users) and return to the setup screen.

What I would like most is a general solution (so all users of the same
group share one copy of .cshrc, .login, etc.).

As usual, I will post a summary.

The solution is : use XDM, modify .xsession so that .login is processed.

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