Xkernel for SLC SUMMARY

From: Szymon Sokol (szymon@galaxy.uci.agh.edu.pl)
Date: Mon Oct 04 1993 - 05:25:50 CDT

A few days ago, I have asked about Xkernel for SPARCstation SLCs.
I received 6 answers - 3 of them were "Please summarize..." so I am doing it.
Mark Radleigh <osiris@ucrengr.ucr.edu> wrote that he is using Xkernel on ELCs
(basically, ELC is SLC with faster clock rate).
Matt Ranney <mjr@syl.dl.nec.com> wrote that he is using Xkernel on SLC,
though with some problems (unexpected crashes).
Philippe Michel <michel@thomson-lcr.fr> wrote that he is using Xkernel on SLCs
without problems.
I have also asked Xkernel author (Seth Robertson <seth@ctr.columbia.edu>)
about possible problems (his answer was "none known").
With some help from Matt and Philippe (thanks!), I managed to get Xkernel 2.0
(beta!) running on one of my SLCs, using an IPX as the server machine.
I had to recompile "chooser" from X11R5 distribution, because the binaries
provided with Xkernel distribution did not work properly.
Besides, INSTALL incorrectly modified /etc/exports:
$XROOT -access=$GenericHost
should be
$XROOT -access=$GenericHost,root=$GenericHost
otherwise root of Xkernel machine is NFS-mapped to nobody and the Xkernel
machine cannot access its own binaries on the exported root filesystem (they
are root-owned, world-unreadable).
Everything else seems to work. As soon as I have a server powerful enough,
I am going to turn all my SLCs into Xterminals.

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