SUMMARY: help with elm

From: Shouben Zhou (zshouben@PCS.CNU.EDU)
Date: Fri Oct 01 1993 - 03:05:42 CDT

Thanks all for replying with many good suggestions. Finally, we do find that
our system has been compromised and the executable elm has been changed the
permisssion. After restoring the elm from tape, everything goes normal now.

Special thanks to: (Ravi Narayan) (Syd Weinstein)
Ian Couroulis <>
 Ralph C Wolman <>

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the original post are:
Hi, Sun Experts:

All by sudden, some of our elm users complain that they've got error messages
Problems restoring permissions of folder /usr/spool/mail/lambert!

Error attempting fstat on file /home/faculty1/lambert/Mail/received!
** EACCES - Permission denied. **

Emergency exit taken! All temp files intact!

Close on folder /usr/spool/mail/validmgr failed!!
** EACCES - Permission denied. **

Write to temp file failed, exiting leaving mailbox intact!

We believed that our system has been compromised recently, I would like
someone can pin point what might cause the problem before we restore the

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