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Date: Thu Sep 30 1993 - 07:55:48 CDT

Hello All!

Thanks for all of the sure-fre and quick responses.
The overwhelming choice was to use either C-News or INN and establish local
newsgroups and not export them. You could also use the rn and nntp commands
and create newsgroups internally, and set up some pointers.


> I am sorry if this is a FAQ, but is there a way you can build a
>private news service for in-house use, and then use newsreaders
>to access this service. We have a significant number of software
>developers that are spread out throughout different facilities and they
>wanted a way they can send and receive messages to a general deposit
>location so that everyone can access them. They also wanted to be a
>ble to read the messages in a similar fashion to the various news
>services using a tool such as xnews. Please let me know if the software
>to create this is PD, or shrinkwrap, and where I can get it.

INN can be ftp'd from

Cnews is probably available from these sources or

I am TRULY sorry that I assumed everyone used a mailtool with line wrap.
I will be more considerate next time. Also, I am not currently running
news, for those who asked.

Thanks to:
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