SUMMARY: 'm' key stuck

From: Brian T. Shelden (
Date: Thu Sep 30 1993 - 04:06:24 CDT

Here's my original post:

> Earlier today, I spilled coffee on my keyboard.
> I tried to clean it off by popping off the keys affected
> and wiping with a paper towel. However, some of the keys
> (Not where I spilled coffee!) are stuck on. I rebooted, and
> the 'm' key or the space bar is auto-repeating until I hit
> another key. After that, the 'm' doesn't work at all,
> the space bar is flaky, and keys in the jk,nm region often
> start auto-repeating at random times.

Some said that I was outta luck, and should replace (or talk
Sun into replacing) my keyboard. Others said to try:

        1) Wait for it to dry
        2) Clean with an evaporating solvent like rubbing alcohol,
           TV tuner, spray RF solvent (used for cleaning
           electronics equipment), or a "TexWipes" pad and then
           wait for it to dry
        3) Take it apart, wash with soapy water, and wait for
           it to dry

Notice the theme? After drying out overnight, it's working
fine this morning. Fortunately, I drink my coffee black, so
there was little sugar, etc., residue to force me to take apart
and clean the keyboard.

I also recieved copies of two previous summaries on this topic.
Does 3 qualify as a FAQ?

--Brian Shelden
Unix Systems Coordinator
Cornell Law School

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