SUMMARY: post-mortem error

From: Oleg Chaikovsky (
Date: Thu Sep 30 1993 - 04:05:35 CDT

To All.

I only received three responses to my message, one with what they felt was the answer. The winner is...

Russ Walsh
International Software Systems, Inc.

"We had this error also when we switched to OW3, and it turned out to be because the X11R5 we have was compiled under OW2 instead of OW3."

Thanks also go to :
John Hunter <jhunter@PCS.CNU.EDU>
 Misha Pavlov <;>

for responding.

Original question:

>> Hello All
>> We have a small lab (2 IPX, one 630, one Sparc2) running 4.1.2 SunOS
>> and OW 3.0. Whenever the users logout, they get a "post-mortem"
>> error (it goes so fast that it ishard to see all the words). We think
>> it is due to texteditor windows that are open and/or unsaved during
>> the OW session.
>> We just found the exact error - it's "finished: aborting post-mortem"

Oleg Chaikovsky
Systems & Network Manager
Rockwell International - Downey, CA
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