SUMMARY: how can I use parallel port on Solaris 2.2

From: Simon Shickman (
Date: Wed Sep 29 1993 - 16:20:22 CDT

>Question: can I use the parallel port of Sparc 10 for printing on
>Solaris 2.2. I did not find anything in the Answer-Book.

I was told:
See /dev/bpp. There is a man page in section 7.

--Randy Gregor, SunSoft

We've a Classic in work and we print from the parallel port no problem, the
device name is /dev/bpp0, it should be the same on the SS10 except doesn't it
have one of those minature connectors, like what the AUI drop-cable plugs into?

--Declan McArdle

Thank you.

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