Summary: / is mysteriously full

From: Dale Houston (
Date: Mon Sep 27 1993 - 13:57:55 CDT

Thanks to everyone who responded to my plea. It turned out that I had a
/tmp directory that I forgot to look under. I ended yp mounting / from
that one machine to a solaris 2 machine on my desk, poked around, found all
the junk in /tmp and deleted it. everything is fine.

Here's the winning response:

>From Mon Sep 27 14:24:03 1993

Also, it seems unlikely that you unmounted /usr to look under it; it's
conceivable that stuff is hiding there.

One way to make sure you look under mount points is to export the root
partition to localhost (this might require root permission in the
export too, depending on which directories are readable) and NFS mount
it locally under some other directory, and perform the du on the NFS
mount. If that doesn't give a usage total that is consistent with df,
you probably have unlinked files that are still open.

Thanks to everyone else who responded. I love this (Usenet news) place.


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