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Thanks a lot to: (Vicki A. Dorazio CTA) (Janet Ulrich) (Pete Starceski) (John Malick) (Rob Lyle Wizard of Ozje)

My origin question was:

>> does anybody know, for what is the FMLI (form & menu language interpreter)?
>> In what case we can use the FMLI effective ?

The most efficient answer was:

->Production environments with computer illiterate users can be given menus
->in order to run applications, print files etc. That way you remove the
->ugly UNIX shell prompt from their repertoire, and they don't have to buy
->any cryptic UNIX books 8-}

For additional information and documentation:

=> You can obtain numerous documents from AT&T directly at the following:
=> AT&T's Customer Information Center
=> Order Entry
=> 2855 North Franklin Road
=> Indianapolis, IN 46219-1999
=> 1-800-432-6600, between 7:30 am and 6:30 pm EST
=> 1-800-255-1242, from Canada
=> 1-317-322-6557, from outside the United States
=> 1-317-322-6416, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand
=> 1-317-322-6646, from Far East and the Americas
=> You would be interested in the following documents:
=> UNIX System V Form and Menu Language Interpreter (FMLI) Programmer's
=> Guide
=> Written for the application developer who already know about the UNIX
=> System and shell programming. Explains the capabilities of the FMLI,
=> the syntax of the FMLI, and how the Interpreter interfaces with the
=> UNIX System. It is strongly advised that the reader read the User
=> Interface Utilities Release Notes (305-653) before writing any
=> important code. The document first explains each type of object
=> that can be defined in an application and then the application user's
=> options when dealing with that object. The second part explains the
=> method of writing object descriptions, mostly by tables and examples,
=> and covers topics related to the UNIX System.
=> document #: 305-652
=> issue #: 1
=> pages: 239
=> price: $35.17
=> UNIX System V User Interface Utilities Release 1.1 Release Notes
=> This document contains release notes for Release 1.1 of the Form and
=> Menu Language Interpreter (FMLI) and the Framed Access Command
=> Environment (FACE) user interface, which is written in FMLI code.
=> These products are supported on the 3B2 series of computers running
=> UNIX System V Release 2.0 or later. The first section contains
=> hardware and compatibility notes. This is followed by a section of
=> notes specific to FMLI, followed by a section for FACE.
=> document #: 305-653
=> issue #: 1
=> pages: 46
=> price: $10.00
=> The quality of this documentation is high and the service is fast. You may
=> be able to order these documents from your local discount bookstore, try them
=> first.

==== Joerg Bruchertseifer

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