SUMMARY: XMosaic and OpenWindows keysyms

From: Anthony Yen (
Date: Mon Sep 27 1993 - 02:49:55 CDT

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Thanks to all who responded:

        Kevin Elphinstone <>
        Andy Heaps <> (Dick St.Peters) (John Justin Hough)
        Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS <>
        Richard Elling <> (Michael Harris - Portfolio Stratification)
        Mitch Baltuch <> (Mike Steadman) (Per Akesson)

To start with, I'm surprised that no one mentioned a Sun patch for
this. That is, to my knowledge there is no patch for this---there
might be a chance that they did address this in a patch I may not have
applied yet, I'm only now getting around to the non-security-related
patches (by my last count there are 53 applicable patches to the SunOS
4.1.3 stock distribution).

I suspect some later versions of OpenWindows (or perhaps patched
versions?) fix this, because some people applied a symlink (see below)
and they reported everything was just fine afterwards.

The prize goes to (David R. Linn):

        there are some lines in the OW Xkeysymdb file that have xtra
        spaces at the end of the line. Nuke them and things should be

A slew of people told me to symlink /usr/lib/X11 to /usr/openwin/lib; I
had already done that, mea culpa, I should have mentioned it (the
XMosaic FAQ tells you it expects to find stuff there).

There also seem to be quite a few people who were being driven nuts by
this as well, so it appears this might find application in the FAQ.

Dan Stromberg was a wee upset at the Motif vendors. Yet one more thing
that The Net can't get source for, so I don't blame him. In my limited
experience, while Sun is good at fixing bugs, they aren't omnipotent,
and something like a now-standardized GUI should have sources freely
available so people can help with stomping out bugs. It's not as if an
implementation of a GUI is some corporate secret or something (I
think). Oh well, I suppose the popularization of Unix has its price,
and so it goes...

Kudos to John Hough and Michael Harris, both of whom sent entire
XKeysymDB files that look like they've been corrected, the former of
whom sent me an attachment (which I've included) of his XKeysymDB.
While I fixed my problem before I got his attachment, I looked at it
and confirmed that his version has stripped out the trailing
whitespace. Those of you who are experiencing the same problems should
probably just copy out this attachment and rdist it everywhere.

Andy suggested dumping all those pesky messages into /dev/null ("Life
is short [to bother with this type of stuff, I assume]". Well,
administering a fast-growing network on my own is teaching me to be
even more anal retentive than I usually am, because past experience has
shown me that these little annoying problems always come back to haunt
you sooner or later. Sigh, were it my own system, perhaps... But I do
like that attitude---those messages _are_ a nuisance.

Many thanks again to the group.

Anthony Yen - SPARC Sysadmin - Department of Economics - UT/Austin
ECB 3.138, MS#63100 - 471-3211 ext 170 -
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! OSF Keysyms
osfBackSpace :1004FF08
osfInsert :1004FF63
osfDelete :1004FFFF
osfCopy :1004FF02
osfCut :1004FF03
osfPaste :1004FF04

osfAddMode :1004FF31
osfPrimaryPaste :1004FF32
osfQuickPaste :1004FF33

osfPageUp :1004FF41
osfPageDown :1004FF42

osfEndLine :1004FF57
osfBeginLine :1004FF58

osfActivate :1004FF44

osfMenuBar :1004FF45

osfClear :1004FF0B
osfCancel :1004FF69
osfHelp :1004FF6A
osfMenu :1004FF67
osfSelect :1004FF60
osfUndo :1004FF65

osfLeft :1004FF51
osfUp :1004FF52
osfRight :1004FF53
osfDown :1004FF54

! DEC specific keysyms
DRemove :1000FF00
! HP specific keysyms
Reset :1000FF6C
System :1000FF6D
User :1000FF6E
ClearLine :1000FF6F
InsertLine :1000FF70
DeleteLine :1000FF71
InsertChar :1000FF72
DeleteChar :1000FF73
BackTab :1000FF74
KP_BackTab :1000FF75
! Apollo specific keysyms(taken from /usr/lib/X11/ap_keysym.h)
apLineDel :1000FF00
apCharDel :1000FF01
apCopy :1000FF02
apCut :1000FF03
apPaste :1000FF04
apMove :1000FF05
apGrow :1000FF06
apCmd :1000FF07
apShell :1000FF08
apLeftBar :1000FF09
apRightBar :1000FF0A
apLeftBox :1000FF0B
apRightBox :1000FF0C
apUpBox :1000FF0D
apDownBox :1000FF0E
apPop :1000FF0F
apRead :1000FF10
apEdit :1000FF11
apSave :1000FF12
apExit :1000FF13
apRepeat :1000FF14
apKP_parenleft :1000FFA8
apKP_parenright :1000FFA9

! Sun3 OpenWindows 2.0 specific keysyms
SunF36 :1000FF10
SunF37 :1000FF11

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