SUMMARY: in.telnetd limit of 64

From: Brian J. Baas (bbaas@Calvin.EDU)
Date: Fri Sep 24 1993 - 08:01:08 CDT

Thanks for the help from all who responded.

I had the number of ptys set up but I had to recompile in.telnetd (and
by the way..."rlogind")

>> Has anyone worked around the limit of 64 incoming telnet sessions. We
>> have plenty of machine left if we can get the connections. Thanks!
>I assume that you have the pty's
>I think there is a loop in telnetd
> for c in p..s
> for n in 0..9
> try tty<c><n>
>Maybe you need to patch the binary to do "p..z" ...

I had source ;-)))

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