SUMMARY: 3x password checking

From: Randy Olsson (
Date: Fri Sep 24 1993 - 02:04:32 CDT

Original text:
> I am looking for some software that will limit the number of login attempts.
> If someone enters the wrong password 3 times, I want their account to be
> disabled until the sys adm fixes it. I know that sun ARM/ASET is advertised
> to do this, but I am having trouble with it and have been advised to find
> something else.
> hardware = SPARC 10, software = SunOS 4.1.3

I got several responses that suggested that this is a bad idea. Some talked
from experience where people would intentionally disable others accounts.
I agree that it is not the greatest idea, but I need it for a small, secure

John Justin Hough says:
  You can get login.c from the bsd-sources on and modify
  it. Where you'd want to modify is in the low 2/3's of the program
  if my memory is correct.

Jeff Tate says:
  NetBOKS from Securix handles all your needs.
  Contact Peter Loux,

One other suggestion (sorry- no credit - I deleted original mail) was to
get ARM/ASET to work. It is supposed to work well once it is configured.

My solution:
I decided to take John's advice and mod login.c until I realized that ARM
does a few other things that I also need. I just sent in a PO to get ARM.
It is pretty cheap, so I bought it so I can get some support. NetBOKS
looks like a great product. I am going to eval it. It is quite expensive.

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