SUMMARY: HP 1200C with Newsprint?

From: J. Matt Landrum (
Date: Mon Sep 20 1993 - 18:30:07 CDT

-> I need to make a quick purchasing decision. Is this printer supported
-> by Newsprint? Will it connect to the parallel port on the SPARCprinter card?
-> Do I need the PostScript cartridge if it is already supported by NewsPrint?
-> I've gotten no answers from other sources so I would appreciate any help.
-> Also, any good or bad experiences with this printer?

This printer is supposedly supported by Newsprint, though which version
is still up in the air. You do not need to buy the Postscript module
according to Sun. This printer got a nice review in Windows Sources.
You can get one for about $1,500 and it prints text at about 7 ppm.

I got no responses from anyone actually using the thing in this manner.

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