SUMMARY - Idle Daemon script

From: Erin O'Neill (
Date: Fri Sep 17 1993 - 03:27:52 CDT

On Tues. Sep 14 I asked for help with an Idled Daemon script. I received
7 responses from the following people:

 Carl Springer <>
 gjones@cvedg.CV.COM (Greg Jones) (Perry Hutchison) (Peter Samuel)
 "Chris P. Ross" <>
 bern@kleopatra.Uni-Trier.DE (Jochen Bern)

3 people told me to get untamo, which I did but it wouldn't log my users
off if they weren't in a csh. So I wrote the author, who replied that
it was no longer supported & I should get: tout. tout goes in every
persons .login file, which wasn't what I wanted.

One person sent me a script (thanks Robert J Wolf
It didn't quite fit the bill, but I can use some of the script.

One person offerred to send me their script
("Chris P. Ross" <>)

Turns out the real problem is in the gettytab. I don't have the gettytab
setup correctly to drop the line. Currently it looks like this:



I have USRobotics modems (both v.32 bis & 2400 MNP5) The Sun Manual actually
tells me what the dip switches should be. We had a consultant set up the
modems and they do work except that they do NOT drop the line is exited
abnormally (which our MAC users often do, and idled daemons do).
Anybody know the command in gettytab syntax to reset the modems (send

thanks all
> I'm a new Sys Admin. I need an Idle deamon for a Sun 4.1.3 (670 MP).
> I've searched through the internet with gopher & archie but can't
> find a good idle daemon for Sun OS 4.1.3. I have a rather crude
> script but would like it to be able to exclude some ttys & some
> users from being logged out, plus I would like to gracefully exit
> idle processes.
> Isn't any one using a graceful idle daemon with SUNOS 4.1.3?
> We have an ALM board with USRobotics Courier modems (both
> 2400 MNP5 & V.32 bis with ASL (14,4))
> Thanks -
> erin

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