SUMMARY: Help! My sendmail is taking over the system.

From: Richard Bogusz (
Date: Thu Sep 16 1993 - 20:31:33 CDT

Hello again,

Yesterday I had the problem with sendmail not bouncing e-mail to
non-existant users. I have finally got to the bottom of the problem,
it turned out that the file had a few spaces rather than
tabs on a key line. I went through all the lines that we modify and
eventually swapped the spaces for tabs and then restarted sendmail, the
problem has gone away.

Thanks to those who offered suggestions (my original request is at the
end of this message). I would have responded sooner but fat fingers
syndrome met and before I knew what was happening all mail
was bouncing, I think I have now recovered sendmail.

Heas <>
Pauline van Winsen - Uniq Professional Services <>
Ying.Ho@Corp.Sun.COM (Steven Ho)

You are now all on my Christmas card list.



> Hi folks,
> Is there anyone out there that can help with this one?
> Our sendmail process is running at about 70% CPU ALL of the time, the
> problem is that all of a sudden if someone tries to mail to a
> non-existant user the sendmail gets stuck in a loop rather than
> bouncing the e-mail. This has only just started happening today,
> without any obvious prompting from myself. There are sendmail
> processes running for all of the duff attempts, but even when I kill
> these they get regenerated. The mqueue directory is full of rubbish
> also. Can you help?
> The configuration is Sparcserver 490, SunOS 4.1.2, NIS/DNS,
> The aliases file has about 2500 entries.
> Thanks in advance,
> Richard

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