SUMMARY: Looking for disk expansion options on Sun-4/330

Date: Thu Sep 16 1993 - 07:41:55 CDT

I wrote -

> We have some 4/300's in the field which have one internal 669 SCSI
> disk each. Because of a change in our package we need to augment
> this disk space by 1 Gbyte on each machine.
> Sun tell us that the newer/only (1.05 Gb and 1.3 Gb) SCSI disks are not
> supported on the 4/330 since they are fast-SCSI.
> Can anyone suggest other vendors for this requirement ?
> The disk does not have to be mounted in the 4/330 pedestal.
> It does have to be SCSI, as thats the only interface we've got.
> All the disk space must be available on one partition, so, for example,
> a pair of 669's in a long box is not an option.

Almost universally the replies indicated that "not supported" means
"we haven't validated it", and not "it won't work".

Fast-SCSI is a red herring, the disk will work to the speed of the

A couple of people suggested OnLine Disk Suite as a way of turning
the hypothetical pair of 669's into an apparently contiguous single partition
of the required size.

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