SUMMARY: Serial Port - All ports busy

From: Bill Lenherr (
Date: Wed Sep 15 1993 - 17:58:21 CDT

Thank you for all of the quick responses!

Nico Garcia was the first to respond and hit the
nail on the head. The permissions had mysteriously
changed on /dev/ttya. I had checked /dev/cua0 but
not the port itself. Here is a list of things to try:

1 - look for lock files in /var/spool/uucp & /var/spool/locks
2 - ps -aux | grep ttya
3 - fuser -k /dev/ttya to nab any hidden processes on it
        (fuser is worth reading the man pages anyway)
4 - kill -HUP 1 with getty off
5 - ttysoftcar -a with getty off
6 - Check the ownership and permissions on /dev/ttya
7 - reboot
8 - power down
9 - Jumbo TTY Patch (Patch-ID# 100513-02)

Thanks to:
kmah@DCS-Systems.COM (Kevin Mah) (Jim Carroll) (Esther Yu) (Dan Jiracek) (Louis M. Brune) (Ian Camm) ...also had right answer... (Nico Garcia) (Victor Fieldhouse) (David Walker)
......and any others I missed....

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+ Managers,
+ I have a Sparc 2 running 4.1.3 which has a serial port gone crazy.
+ The port had a modem connected to it which was configured to
+ transfer files out via kermit. All of a sudden we started getting
+ a message that says "All ports busy". There is no getty running
+ on the port and I cannot find a lock file anywhere. It is on
+ /dev/ttya. I did a mknod on /dev/cua0 and got the modem
+ working again on /dev/ttyb but ttya is still messed up. Can
+ anyone give me any other debugging hints ?

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