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Date: Wed Sep 15 1993 - 14:54:24 CDT

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>we have a fairly large site and are going to replace many of our old boot servers,
>mostle 4/490's, with newer more modern servers. We want to be able to decrease the
>number of servers at the same time and have looked at both Auspex and SS1000 as
>possibilities. I need a reference from somebody running SS1000 servers with many
>subnets(4+) and with many clients(150+). If there is anybody with such a >configuration I would be interested in hearing from them. Of course I will summerize >to the net.

My apologies to the net for not sending in the summary to this post yet but as we
are in the process of deciding and both Sun and Auspex read this news group....
I am sure you will understand. I will send in a proper summary when our choice
has been made.

many thanks to those who took the time to answer my post.


John Moran

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