SUMMARY Solaris2.2 sendmail

From: Kjell Erkstam (
Date: Wed Sep 15 1993 - 10:09:17 CDT

Hello all !

    Earlier I wrote:
> Hello again !
> Earlier I wrote:
> >Hi all !
> > I have got a SS10 with Solaris2.2 which also is running DNS
> >and NIS+ (with NIS-compability).
> >The problem is, when I try to mail a host with a MX-record in
> >our domain, I get the message
> >
> > "Never heard of the_host_name in domain ourdomainname . se"
> >
> >I have no problems with hosts with A- and CNAME-records.
> >Nslookup works fine with type=MX so I think the problem is
> >somewhere in sendmail.
> >Please help me. I have run out of local gurus and I do have rtfm.
> I got some answers (thanks everyone !) about copying
> to sendmail and restart sendmail, but I forgot to mention that I
> already did that.
> The problem still stands; I cannot connect the hosts with MX-
> records via sendmail.
> What am I doing wrong ... ?
> Best regards !
> /Kjell Email:

   I got some suggestions about this problem (thanks again everyone !)
but the main problem was that when addressing hosts with MX-records
I had the following line in my

# deliver to hosts in our domain that have a MX record
R$*<@$%x.LOCAL>$* $#ether $@$2 $:$1<@$2>$3

  The %x-symbol says that it matches any token in NIS map or NIS+-table.
But when I use DNS I don't want a lot of hosts in my local tables
and I choosed to comment out that line and use

R$*<@$-.LOCAL>$* $#ether $@$2 $:$1<@$2>$3 MX?

instead. This gives me the oppurtunity to address any hosts in my mail-
domain. ($- means: match exactly one token).
   Now I can happily mail to my friends who sits by a machine with

   Once again; thanks everyone who cared !


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