SUMMARY: Toshiba 1.2GB disk drive

From: Steven Vu (
Date: Wed Sep 15 1993 - 02:01:12 CDT


        Here was my original question:

> I have installed a Toshiba 1.2GB disk drive in a Sparc 1+
> and I'm wondering if the fan will be able to support this
> disk without overheating.

        Here are the answers:

        From: (Syed Zaeem Hosain)
        No, I have not done this specifically, but I have installed similar
        heat dissipation drives in an SS1+ and SS2 without problems.

        From: (Scott A. Harris)
        I have one, gets a little warm on occasion, but generally stays
        fairly cool and very reliable.

        From: (Bill Morrow)
        I have a Fujitsu 1GB drive in a Sparc 1, it runs a bit hotter,
        but not too much. I tried the Fujitsu and the original Quantum 105,
        this proved to be too hot in my opinion. The temperature climbed
        steadily to 40C between the two disks, before I chickened out and
        disconnected the Quantum. The Fujitsu alone is stable around 32C.
        It draws 11 watts, so compare that to your Toshiba.

        From: (John Justin Hough)
        We've got one in an SS1 in a relatively hot environment - no problems.

        Thanks for all the answers.

Steven Vu.

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