SUMMARY: Dump parameters for DDS DAT tapes

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Thanks again for the fast responses to my request.

Instead of just including a bunch of numbers, I would like to re-post
the answer I received from Jochen Bern ( Richard
Hellier ( sent me the same numbers as well.

My ORIGINAL request:

> Just acquired a 4-mm DDS DAT tape on our HP server and would like to use
> the regular "dump" command for backups from our SUNs. Does anyone have
> any suggestions for density, size, and block factor for 90 meter tapes?
> Tape Drive is C1504C with compression allowing for up to 8 GB of data.

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If the Heart of it is a HP 35480A, you might find this one useful (I sent
it around a Lot when our Newsfeed was still usable, because there seems to
be a Lot of 35480As without Docs on the Market):

----- Begin Included Message -----

Seeing all these Posts about "How to connect DATs", I conclude that us
Krauts are just lucky since HP gives us a good, usable How-To Sheet.

Here's my That's_About_It (tm) Translation; I put "<!>" wherever the
Info could be subject to a Housing supplied / Assembly done by your Vendor.


HP 35480A

Jumper Switch Settings

<Jumpers are numbered 1-5 from the Middle of the Rear View to the Side>
1: term power
2: SCSI Id Bit 0 (1)
3: 1 (2)
4: 2 (4)
5: DC on/off using ext. Cable

<!> Assembled Subsystems will have Switches on the Back to set the SCSI Id.
<!> We deliver the Drive with Id 4 (/dev/rst0).

Further Configuration can be done with the Dip Switches on the Bottom of
the Device. Set the Switches to 1, 2 on, 3 off, 4, 5 on, 6, 7, 8 off normally.


<!> We deliver the Drive with Terminators pulled out.

LED Status Codes

Green - Blink.Green: Caution, Media Wear.
Amber - Amber: Termination / high Humidity
Blink.Amber - Blink.Amber: Self Test in Progress
Blink.Amber - off: Self Test failed


1. In /sys/scsi/targets/st_conf.c, add: <Note that this seems to mean
                                            only SunOS 4.1.x, or am I wrong?>
   /* HP DAT HP35480A */
      "HP35480A", 2, "HP", ST_TYPE_EXABYTE, 1024,
      ( ST_VARIABLE | ST_BSF | ST_BSR ),
      5000, 5000,
      { 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 },
      { 0, 0, 0, 0 }

2. cd /sys/sun4c/conf <Note that this assumes you use
   config GENERIC a sun4c Machine and a GENERIC
   cd ../GENERIC Kernel, and that you're currently
   make logged into THAT Machine, AND
   mv /vmunix /vmunix.old that it is where you build Kernels,
   mv ./vmunix /vmunix too>

3. Reboot

4. Dump with:

   dump 0ubdsf 126 27000 <Size> /dev/rst0 /dev/sdXX

   where /dev/sdXX is the Drive you want to dump, and Size is:
   60 m Tapes: 24000 compressed, 6000 non-compressed
   90 : 36000 9000

   <and where you should replace /dev/rst0 with the Device Name you REALLY
   used for the DAT Drive :-)>


Compression can't be software controlled on SUNs; You have to manipulate the
first two Dip Switches. If both are on, Compression is on.
<!> We deliver the Device with Compression turned on.


Hope that helps,
                                                                J. Bern

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	/Phillip Dale

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