SUMMARY: __DYNAMIC version 0 not supported

Date: Mon Sep 13 1993 - 18:03:08 CDT

Thanks to the following for responding; Heas <>, (Andrew Lister - SUN Tech Support), Martin Achilli
edited responses are included at the end.

Our problem developed when one of the people here where coping
/dev/kmem for Sun4c to another server and seems to have copied it onto
itself. I found out that the libraries where "messed up" by trying to
run ranlib on them.

We replaced many of the files in /dev/kmem from tape and things went
back to normal.


From: Heas <>
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 93 18:58:52 -0400

check the modification of the most recent libraries that those utilities use.
you can find this out by doing a trace (1) on those commands and greping for
lib....responding with lib?.so.?.?[.?]. one of the libraries has probably
changed somewhere or the cache is botched. the cache can be
rebuilt with ldconfig which is done at reboot (so if you have rebooted them
and no one has added a pathname to the ldconfig command in /etc/rc.local, the
the cache probably isn't the problem).


Date: Thu, 9 Sep 93 13:04:10 EST
From: lister@athens (Andrew Lister - SUN Tech Support)
Subject: Re: __DYNAMIC version 0 not supported

Collection: Symptoms and Resolutions
Document: 2549

SRDB ID : 2549

SYNOPSIS : link prog. ld returns __DYNAMIC ver. 0 not supported

DETAIL DESCRIPTION : After upgrading system from 4.0.3 to 4.1, and
                     attempting to compile/link/run programs, the following
                     message appears:

               __DYNAMIC version 0 not supported

                     Although OS4.0.X libraries are supposed to be fully
                     compatible with OS4.1, this problem seems to be related
                     to some older libraries that haven't been rebuilt since
                     the move to 4.1.

SOLUTION SUMMARY : The error message is saying that the application in
                     question, or one of the libraries it uses, is garbled
                     in some way. Determine which one by noting what is
                     mmap'ed in just before the message is printed.

                     Rebuild all older libraries. This will solve the problem.

SYMPTOMS : __DYNAMIC version 0 not supported

KEYWORDS : library __DYNAMIC not supported 4.1 4.0.3 mix




Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1993 10:33:04 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Re: __DYNAMIC version 0 not supported

I had the same problem with a SS10 mod 20 with Sunos 4.1.3 about 3 months ago,
only difference was that the error was

ld_so: DYNAMIC VERSION XXXXX not supported

basically the version number was a big number (something like 2143567). I cann
ot go back to your Email to check the correct error syntax because I am using E
mail no a Mainframe, our Suns are not on Internet. :-( :-(

I phoned Suns support line, and after some exchange of info they told me to rei
nstall the Os. I was having exactly your same problems: with ps and adb.


Date: Thu, 9 Sep 93 15:08:42 EDT
From: hkatz@NUCMED.MED.NYU.EDU (Henry Katz)
Subject: Re: __DYNAMIC version 0 not supported

check perms on /dev/*mem* and ensure the Kernel is correct and that the
current kernel is the one that is running.

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