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>> I'm still lost. OS is 4.1.3. "-b" option is in makefile on NIS server.
>> NIS server is not connected directly to Internet (It was before).
>> I cannot get out to the Internet from it. Resolv.conv on the Sparc 10 has the
>> name servers plus localhost, and I added the IP address for the NIS server.
>> Sparc 10 is bound to the NIS server and has access to the yp maps.
>> No patches have been installed. Do I need to install some? If so, what?
>> What about resolv+ ?
>> Original question
>> >I moved my Internet connection from a Sparc 1+ to a Sparc 10. The
>> |>Sparc 1+ is still the NIS server for my network. I used to be able
>> |>to use telnet, i.e. telnet, no problem. Now, I
>> |>telnet - I get host unknown.
>> |>
>> |>I do a nslookup and it finds the host, I am looking for. Any ideas
>> |>where I went wrong.


It seems my problem to begin with was that my new server was not a yp server
(master or slave). SunOS 4.1.3 requires the DNS "resolver" to be a server but
there are ways around this.

1) Modify the library. This makes your system a DNS name server
and you must that configure as such. Sun provided me with the procedures to
modify but they do not support it.

2) Make your server a slave server.

3) Create a new domain and make the new server its master.

I chose option 3 and here is why;

I tried option 1, it work fine for seeing my Internet name servers but I
could not get it configure correctly so that it could see my local systems
(one usually in /etc/hosts). The sys. admin manual also indicates that for
each DNS zone there should be at least 2 name servers, a primary and a
secondary. I don`t have two servers connected to the Internet and really
I need to be is a resolver, looking in my host file or Internet name server.

I didn't want to my server to be a slave yp server to my local network for
security (firewall) reasons. I'm trying to isolate the server as much as

I ended up using option 3, which also ended up be the easiest. I created
a new domain and made the server a master on one domain and my old server
the master of my local domain.

Thanks to Phil Blanchfield (, I modified my Makefile
on the new server to include only my local hosts and "B=-b". So far
so good.

Several people suggested resolv+. If you have more info on this, I would
like to hear from you.

thanks to: (Brett Lymn) (DAVID CURADO) (Eckhard Rueggeberg)
bern@kleopatra.Uni-Trier.DE (Jochen Bern) (Birger A. Wathne) (Mirek Nazaruk)
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Heas <>
John.Shein@Corp.Sun.COM (John Hsin)
Steven M Rezsutek <> (Rob Surratt - ATT ASCC)
david@srv.PacBell.COM (David St. Pierre)
stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer) (Eckhard Rueggeberg)
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