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Date: Sat Sep 11 1993 - 08:59:04 CDT


Sorry I bothered everyone with a question I had not thought through clearly.

I completely forgot about the exec command. That is exactly what I need.
All I need to do is add the following type of command at the end of
everyone's .login file so they can login in and do work on the project they

     exec newgrp <gid>

Thanks to everyone who replied:
Brian Shelden (
Ian MacPhedran (
Henry Katz (hkatz@nucmed.NYU.EDU)
Andrew Benson (
Jan Bruun Andersen (
Badri Pillai (
Christoph Rothlin (
Mark S. Anderson (
Ray Schnitzler (
Geoff Halprin (
Barbara Palansky (palansky@Software.ORG)
Dunstan_Vavasour (
Barry Margolin (barmar@Think.COM)
Glenn Satchell (

Lewis Muhlenkamp (

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