SUMMARY: Part 2: Configuring networking for a standalone Solaris 2.1 on a NIS network

From: Don Jackson (dcj@Clark-Comm.COM)
Date: Fri Sep 10 1993 - 10:45:34 CDT

Updated information:

A very nice lady from SunSoft called me today, apparently she had
received incorrect contact information on me when I called in and had
tried to return my call and wasn't able to get through....

Anyway, according to her, "boot -r" is the wrong command to give at
startup, the correct command is "b -r". This will force the OS to
reconfigure itself.

Another way to achieve the same affect is to "touch /reconfigure" and reboot.

I haven't tested either of these, but hopefully they will work for the
next person with this problem to solve!


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I inquired:

   I have a 486 box running Solaris 2.1. When I installed the OS, I
   didn't have a network card, so I configured the machine standalone.
   Now that I've got my ethernet card, how can I get to the network
   configuration screen in the install process, to get all the various
   configration files set up correctly?

I was unable to add a network device using "devconfig".

"sys-unconfig" unconfigured some things, but never asked me about
networking stuff on the way back up.

"boot -r" didn't find the networking card either.

SunSoft Solaris/x86 installation support never returned my telephone call....

I finally re-installed the whole OS from the CD.

(BTW, compare this to asking NT to install networking after a
standalone install, it was easy!, just enter networking on the control
panel, insert the CD when asked, reboot, and it's done!)

The (edited) responses appear below.

Thanks to all the nice people who replied to my question!!!

From: ( Bill Hunter [Instructor / Tech Support])


        bill hunter

From: (Tim Evans)

        Hmm. sys-unconfig (for unconfiguring a machine's network setup) is
        in /usr/sbin, but sys-config apparently didn't make it in from
        SunOS 4.1.x. Try /usr/sbin/devconfig, although I think this just
        does hardware configuration.

From: (John D. Garberson)

    We did the same thing on our 486 and finally gave up trying to get the
    devconfig program to recognize it in retrospect. You can probably
    do it if you make the right entry in /kernel/drv, but unless you know
    in advance how the entry's supposed to look that's going to be a bit tough.
    We ended up just re-installing from scratch, since we were short of time
    to play with the problem.
From: (Joel Shandelman FIMS Information Systems)

    Try boot -r which checks for any new hardware at startup and configures
    the system appropriately. This works on Sparcs but I can't vouch for x86.

From: Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS <>

   This works on solaris 2.x, on a sparc:

   edit /etc/defaultrouter for the current subnet
   edit /etc/hosts to contain current host
   edit /etc/nodename to get FQDN, eg ""
   edit /etc/hostname.le0 to contain (first part of... up to the ".") the
          hostname, eg "solar"
   edit /etc/defaultdomain for yp domain (esp if changing subnets)
   edit /etc/resolv.conf, especially if changing subnets. Locally:
      nameserver # hydra, pr'y on dcs, not ece...
      nameserver # campus wide, nts
      nameserver # campus wide, nts
      nameserver # campus wide, dcs (vmsa)
   make sure filesystems are exported to the machine in question
          (esp netgroup on balboa, for ece)
   check /var/yp/binding to be certain subdirectory is named for yp domain
   reboot: "boot -r", to reconfigure the device files

   You'll probably want to "touch /reconfigure; /etc/reboot", since I
   doubt you have a "boot -r" in the "prom" on a 486.

   I'd be interested in hearing how this works, if you try it.

From: (Mark S. Anderson)

        I had to do the same thing on my LX. If you have the Solaris 2.1 hard
        copy docs, see chapter 3 of "SunOS 5.1 Administering TCP/IP and UUCP".
        I just followed the steps therein.

        Sorry I don't have more time to explain right now. If you need more
        info, just ask me again. ;-)

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