Summary of HP plotter replies

From: Stephen Owens (Stephen@PMEL.COM)
Date: Fri Sep 10 1993 - 03:20:26 CDT

For all those people who replied and helped me with this problem - thanks.

The replies I got broke down into two categories - hardware handshaking
or Xon/Xoff.

1) Hardware Handshaking - Wire as follows as plotter uses DTR for handshaking :

        HP Plotter _________________ Workstation

              1 _____________________ 1

              2______________________ 3

              3______________________ 2

          5 & 6______________________ 20

              7______________________ 7

            20_______________________ 5 & 6

2) Xon/Xoff :

XON/XOFF works fine, but
requires you to send a control string to the plotter to get it to
move into XON/XOFF mode. You should be able to find the appropriate
HPGL commands in your plotter manual; I have found
to work (but this is trial-and-error... I didn't have a neat HPGL
reference). If I send that to the plotter first, life is pleasant.


1|hp|HP DraftPro Plotter:\

Thanks again to all involved.

Stephen Owens (UK)
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