SUMMARY - Pager and Modem

From: jharris (
Date: Fri Sep 10 1993 - 02:02:12 CDT

SUMMARY - Pagers and Modems...

Here's a summary of the answers received. Out of simplicity I went with
a modification to the bourne shell script at #3 below...I did down load tpage
for working with later!



(1) There's a thing called ixobeeper that may help you.

(2) Our workable solution is to put the numeric message into the phone
    number in the Systems file eg
    person Any ACUpager 38400 1234567890,,,,,1234567# ""
    where the first 10 digits are area code and number, the commas pause for
    the paging service to answer, then the last 7 digits are the numeric

(3) As far as I can see you have to do it this way, since the modem will never
    see a carrier from the other end, and so will never consider the call to
    be "connected".

    # $Header:,v 1.5 91/08/29 17:26:40 jamesc Exp $
    # PAGE.SH -- Call pager $1 (a phone number or person)
    # and send message $2 (a call-back number
    # or numberic code)

    [ "x$1" = x ] && exit 1

    num=$1 msg=$2 time=`date +%H%M`
    case $num in
              chris) num=07373829;;

    rsh pagehost "( stty 2400 ; echo ath ; sleep 1 ; echo ath ; sleep 1 ; echo atdt0$num,,,,,,,,,,,$msg$time\; ; sleep 60 ; echo ath ; sleep 1 ;
echo ath ; sleep 1) >/dev/ttyb" &

    sleep 3
    echo "Paging service notified."
    sleep 3

(4) Take a look at Kermit. That's what I'm using now.

(5) Yes, we have tpage. You can get it from any good ftp site.

(6) It's impossible (technologically) for a computer modem to call the pager
    numbr and reliably place a page with DTMF. Instead, you need to ask your
    pager company for the phone number for computer access to their paging
    systen, where you'll get another computer modem. This works quite
    reliably, and also works for alphanumeric pagers. I have such a program,
    if you want; there are others, like WinBeep for PCs.

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