SUMMARY : SunOS version

Date: Thu Sep 09 1993 - 06:13:44 CDT

Yesterday, I wrote:

->Hi managers,
->I upgraded my Sun IPX from 4.1.1 to 4.1.3, but when I log in it says:
-> SunOS Release 4.1.1-IPX (ARCHES) #1: Fri Jul 16 11:47:58 PDT 1993
->I checked my /usr/kvm/sys/conf.common/RELEASE and it says 4.1.3
->I'm confused ....Can someone tell me what's going on....Thanks
->Tony Hoang
->Sys. Adm.

Thank you very much to all responded and also to those who sent reply
that I did not receive yet. A lot of people responded (37 so far), more
than 20 people suggested to check what version the kernel is running:

        strings /vmunix |grep SunOS

and if it doesn't say 4.1.3 then rebuild and reinstall the kernel. This is
the correct solution. Others suggested to look at /etc/motd and
/etc/rc.local. I'd like to thank these people, if I miss your name, my
apology: ( Bill Hunter [Instructor / Tech Support])
 "Derrick J. Brashear" <>
 25835-maggio <>
 Vinay Somashekar <> (Tim Rayner)
 kmah@DCS-Systems.COM (Kevin Mah)
 pln@egret1.Stanford.EDU (Patrick L. Nolan)
 hkatz@nucmed.NYU.EDU (Henry Katz)
 Andrew Benson <> (Guy Harris) (Thomas Koetter) (Syed Zaeem Hosain) (Elizabeth Thick x2688)
 Casper Dik <>
 krischan@veilchen (Christian Engel) (Michael G. Harrington) (Joel Shandelman FIMS Information Systems - 212-648-` (James Rae) (Robert M. Kuhn) (Bob Izenberg)
 David Sansom <>
 Gene Rackow <> (Mike Pearlman)
 Christian Lawrence <> (Pete Welcher) (Brian Decker) (Leon Koll)
 "Frederic Piard" <> (Dave Shevett) (Jackie Carlson)
 eccsrd!carlosm@uunet.UU.NET (Carlos Morillo) (Kevin W. Thomas)

---Tony Hoang
   Sys. Adm.

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