SUMMARY: ISDN for SunOS-4.1.3

From: George Savvides (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1993 - 02:01:42 CDT

This summarises responses to a question on availability of
Sbus-compatible ISDN cards for connection to the UK ISDN. I'm sorry
this summary is a bit late but I've been out of the office for a few

Many thanks to all those who responded.

Diehl have an Sbus card with SunO-4.1.3 and UK approval. UK distributor
is Controlware, Thatcham, UK, (0635 871636) or try They
also have PC cards for DOS and Unix.

Recommended by:, Pekka Nikander, Telecom Finland, Dave Price, Computer Science, Aberystwyth (Steve Kennedy)

Contact, Tel: 0911-99675-0, Fax: 0911-6880725

Bintec have a range of cards for different backplanes and operating
systems, including an Sbus card, approved for UK usage, and with SunOS
drivers. There is no UK distributor at present (though they are seeking

Recommended by:
    Sun UK

It was suggested that a NetBlazer PN and an external TA would be a good
option as this allows ISDN access from Ethernet. The Controlware CITAM
unit was also recommended in this context.

Recommended by: (Steven Bjork)

Some people mentioned that the Sparc 10 has on-board ISDN. However,
Sun are not planning to release SunOS drivers for this at the
moment. They say that BABT approval of the hardware is imminent (about
two weeks away) and they have Solaris-2.2 drivers ready to ship when
approval is finalised.

A number of people mentioned a Sun ISDN card but Sun UK weren't able to
help. Perhaps this is discontinued or maybe it's only sold with
Solaris-2.2 drivers...

George Savvides.

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