SUMMARY: request for info on network service providers

From: dsoftwar!
Date: Tue Sep 07 1993 - 19:01:26 CDT

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            Our company (based in New York city) is planning
        to join the internet and I would like to get info on
        network service providers (their names and phone
        numbers) and the costs involved. Thanks.


Several people have responded. The following providers
were recommended:

JvNCnet, phone 800-35-TIGER
PSINet, phone 800-82PSI82
NYSERnet, phone 315-443-4120
UUNet, phone 800-4UU-NET3
NETCOM, phone 408-554-UNIX

The service provided by NETCOM may be unavailable on
the east coast. I have only talked to PSI and NYSER,
they provide similar services (actually some from
NYSER are actually valued-added from PSI). Those who
responded all seem to be happy with their respective

Thanks to: (Larry J. Miller) (SSgt Kerry Schwab) (Nora Hermida) ( Kalpesh Patel)


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