SUMMARY : use msg[get/snd/rcv]()

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Date: Mon Sep 06 1993 - 09:56:37 CDT

Thanks for all quick answers.

My original post :

>I use msg[get/snd/rcv]() in a C program, which works fine on a Sun 4,
>and doesn't work on another Sun4.
>The error message displayed is "Invalid Argument"
>Because the machines are not identicaly installed, I think it's a pb
>with a library not existing/configured.

>But, when I make an 'ar t' an ALL the lib*.a I found, I don't find
>any reference to msg[get/snd/rcv]().
>So where are defined these functions ? How can I find the crucial
>difference between the both machines ?

First msg[get/snd/rcv]() are systems calls, not functions, right
 ( (Joaquim Fernando Soares))

Second, to see the symbols of a library, use nm(1), not ar(1).
( Ian Couroulis <>, (Michael Sullivan) )

Third, the difference comes from the following option lines which are commented
in the GENERIC_SMALL of my non-msg()-working machine.

Mike Raffety <> (Gerard Legendre) (Joaquim Fernando Soares)
Ian Couroulis <> (Michael Sullivan)

Thanks to all.

Before the end, a special thanks to Ian Couroulis who had respond to me with
a special and particular attention, which lets think of me I'm a stupid man.
But, thanks for his answer.

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