SUMMARY & Thanks: Xkernel for SPARC-LX

From: Anthony Woodward (
Date: Sun Sep 05 1993 - 20:57:41 CDT

I posted an article stating that I wanted to turn a SPARC-LX into an
Xserver only. I did not fill in the entire picture however. This was
to be an interim measure until we got SunOS 4.1.3C from Sun distributors
in Australia. In itself, SunOS 4.1.3C is an interim measure until we get
our site of Sparc-10s and -2s to Solaris2.2.

I have located the Xkernel package thanks to many helpful people's mail
messages. It turns a Sun workstation into a machine running a very much
stripped down kernel and an X server. The Xkernel package is available
via ftp from in /Xkernel.

The SunOS 4.1.3C disc arrived just as we were bootstrapping gcc onto the
LX so we could compile the R5 server for Solaris 2.2 and install Xkernel.
Hence, I have not had a chance to test Xkernel on an LX, as we have installed
4.1.3C and it has become `one of the gang'. (essentially the problem is that
Solaris2.2 won't allow itself to be a 4.1.3 NIS client (must be NIS+)).

Many thanks to the following people for your email responses:
Guy Harris (
David DiGiacomo (
Brian Talley (
Eirik Fuller (eirik@elf.Ithaca.NY.US)
Clarence Wilkerson (
David Robinson (David.Robinson@Eng.Sun.COM)

and anyone else who mailed/posted.



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